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UNAB students win grants to support projects


UNAB Students Win Development Fund

Eleven UNAB students won a total of nine million eight hundred thousand Chilean pesos from the 2011 Institutional Development Fund (Fondo de Desarrollo Institucional 2011) for their work on four new entrepreneurial projects. The projects include:

  1. Israel Muñoz, Tania Oportus and Luz Retamal, third-year Engineering students, won two million three hundred thousand pesos for their project called "Interscholastic Innovation Competition and Energy Efficiency", which is a toy car competition that uses non-conventional renewable energies.

  2. Engineering students Raul Guerrero and Jose Gonzalez presented "Chile lit with clean energy," which was awarded two million five hundred thousand pesos. Their project aims to implement a public lighting project generated by renewable energy sources in low-income municipalities.

  3. Mónica Cifuentes, Juandaniel Hernández and Sebastián Mancilla, third-year Engineering students, created "Mobile Lab", which will receive two million pesos. This project brings a traveling set of science and engineering experiments to different high schools. The proceeds will cover transportation costs that will allow them to go from school to school as traveling scientists. "We want to deliver tools that will serve schools and help students learn about science and engineering," said Mónica Cifuentes.

  4. The fourth project, which received three million pesos, was created by Francisca Díaz, Luis Pacheco and Daniela Jara, students from UNAB's School of Nursing. Their project will organize the "Nursing Olympics", a recreational sporting event that aims to increase relationships between different campuses with Nursing programs.

UNAB's academic leaders commended the students and encouraged them to keep putting their energy to work contributing academically and socially. Andrés Bernasconi, UNAB's Academic Vice Rector, emphasized the importance of participating and winning in these competitions, "These events provide a great opportunity for students to put what they learn into action and we are very proud of their accomplishments." Christián Millán, Dean of the Faculty of Sciences, made it known to the future engineers that the experiences they earned in this competition will benefit them throughout their careers.