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U. Andrés Bello again recognized among Chile's leading universities



According to the 2011 rankings from Qué Pasa magazine, UNAB ranked 4th overall among Chile's best private universities and was recognized again for its leadership in scientific research, ranking first among private schools.

The 2011 Qué Pasa survey once again confirms UNAB's quality both at the institutional and program level with a total of 10 programs considered for the overall study: Agriculture, Architecture, Law, Nursing, Civil Engineering Industrial, Commercial Engineering, Medicine, Dentistry, Journalism and Psychology. Additionally, UNAB stands out as the third best university in the country (and best among the private universities) regarding the number and percentage of full time faculty, exclusively dedicated to teaching at each campus and as the only private university accredited in research, which differentiates UNAB from all competitors in the Chilean market.

The survey was conducted by the market research firm TNS and was based on telephone interviews completed in September and October 2011 with 1,125 executives (50% from Santiago and 50% from Chile's other regions). The sample was divided into two parts with 525 people asked about university quality and the other 600 respondents surveyed about degree program quality.

This assessment, which has become a tradition in ranking Chile's best universities, is based on the measurement of perceived quality and level of knowledge that the labor market gives campuses.

UNAB's Dentistry program recognized among Chile's top five

UNAB's Faculty of Dentistry was ranked 5th best in Chile this year by Qué Pasa magazine, moving up two positions from 2010 and confirming that it is one of the best in the country. According to Dr. Philip Stanke, Dean of UNAB's Faculty of Dentistry, the rise in raking is explained by the professional work ethic and commitment that is made in the UNAB. "We are on the right track, but it also shows us we have room for improvement as we continue focusing our efforts on providing better training and preparation for our undergraduate and graduate students and the evolving requirements of the country."

UNAB's Medicine program recognized among the top ten in Chile

UNAB's medicine program was recognized among the ten best in Chile by Qué Pasa magazine. According to Dr. Jaime Contreras, Director of UNAB's School of Medicine, "We have made good progress and we are happy with the recognition, but we are going to continue working to improve our programs, to provide better and better professionals in the field of medical sciences for our country. A good faculty is synonymous with quality in medicine. We have improved our teaching staff and are making our clinical fields increasingly comprehensive to meet the demands of different curricular subjects."