World renowned Japanese pianist opens Universidad Andrés Bello's 2011 Camerata


World renowned Japanese pianist opens Universidad Andrés Bello’s 2011 Camerata

Rutsuko Yamagishi, one of Japan's most acclaimed contemporary pianists, opened the 2011 season for Universidad Andrés Bello's orchestra in Santiago. This year UNAB's Camerata, an acclaimed university orchestra, will also perform with renowned soloists like the Austrian horn player Johannes Hinterholzer and the Polish cellist Katharina Paslawski.

Despite the difficult times in Japan, Rutsuko Yamagishi, a leading figure in the Japanese classical music circuit, decided to travel to Chile. During the performance, the renowned performer, who is based in Tokyo and works with the Japanese National Orchestra, paid tribute to victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

Rutsuko Yamagishi, one of the last students the famous Russian pianist Lazar Berman, interpreted a repertoire called "The Power of Beethoven," which recalls the great German composer. This repertoire consists of the Symphony No. 3 op.55 "Eroica" and Piano Concerto No. 4 Op 58.

For the remainder of the Camerata season, Universidad Andrés Bello has prepared a high quality program composed of outstanding musicians. In April, there will be a "Baroque Festival" in May: "Music of Broadway." In June, the renowned Argentinean musicians Graciela Chamale (violin) and Alberto Lepage (viola), will come to Chile, while in July the Polish soloist Katharina Paslawski (cello) will perform "The Romantic Cello.

In August, the concert "Mozart in Black and White", played by the Chilean soloist Christoph Scheffelt (piano), in September: "The Classical Marimar" revived by Argentinean musician Aníbal Borzone (marimba) and in October the Austrian artist Johannes Hinterholzer (horn) will accompany the Camerata in the concert performance of "The Enchanted Horn."