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Universidad Andrés Bello welcomes more than 100 international students


UNAB welcomes more than 100 international students

Whether it's the climate, the location, the opportunity to learn a new language and culture, or the beauty of the landscape, Chile is an increasingly popular destination for international students.

Universidad Andrés Bello, a leader in the Chilean higher education system, will be hosting more than 100 international students from Germany, Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, Ecuador, the United States, France and many other countries in study abroad programs.

Students from UNAB partner schools can participate in UNAB's study abroad programs, which last between six months and a year, and provide students not only with the opportunity to improve Spanish language skills and earn academic credit, but make new friends and experience the exciting Chilean culture. The international students will be enrolled at several of UNAB's campuses in Viña del Mar and Santiago (Republica and Casa de Las Condes) to pursue courses in business administration, tourism and hospitality management, engineering, among others.

"I always wanted to visit South America; I think the Chilean geography is one of the most striking things as well as its cultural richness. At the same time, I wanted to study in Chile, become more independent and perfect my Spanish skills. In professional terms, this represents a great opportunity because it adds more value to my degree," says Chloé Blachier from France.

Simon Mente, from Germany, is coming to Chile to make new friends, exchange experiences and enjoy Latin culture. "Personally, I decided not to come to this country thinking only professionally, but rather looking for a life experience and the first step for future trips."