UNAB professor receives "Outstanding Young Scientist Award 2010"


UNAB professor receives

The Chilean Society of Biology recognized Associate Professor of Biomedical Research, Brigitte van Zundert, as Chile's most outstanding young scientist. 

At just 38 years old, Dr. van Zundert has extensive scientific experience and has done laboratory work of which has earned her a national and international reputation. Dr. van Zundert is the first woman to receive the "Outstanding Young Scientist Award 2010," which is awarded each year during the Annual Meeting of the Chilean Society of Biology and the company Grupo BIOS.

The scientist earned a PhD in Biological Sciences at Universidad Concepción and completed post doctoral research in neuroscience at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard in the United States. Her work has been recognized in the field of neuroscience and applied in studies of neurodegenerative diseases and the mechanisms of memory and learning.

Dr. van Zundert returned to Chile five years ago and worked at Universidad Concepción, from 2005 to early 2010, before moving to Universidad Andrés Bello. Another noteworthy highlight from van Zundert's career was the recognition she received for developing the best doctoral thesis.