Escuela Moderna de Musica alumnus and faculty member wins competition

Paula Herrera wins 2013 Viña del Mar Folk Festival Competition


Escuela Moderna de Música alumnus and faculty member wins competition

With the song "With the shoe, goes the shoe cover" Chilean Paula Herrera was the big winner of the 2013 Viña del Mar Folklore Festival. Paula beat representatives from throughout Latin America, including, Peru, Colombia, and Bolivia.

During her career, the artist who studied Singing at Escuela Moderna de Música has become known for her compositions that are based on simple but transcendent experiences of life, which is reflected on her two albums "Dream of Life" and "11".

The winning song from this artist, who currently serves as a lecturer at Escuela Moderna de Música, "reflects very well what my work shows, songs that are simple but involve a lot and have a message that is transmitted to people."

Because of this simplicity that carries a strong message, the trade press compared it with Violeta Parra because the lyrics and interpretations show simple but very profound stories from everyday life.

During the press conference after her victory, Paula Herrera cited the time she spent as a student at Escuela Moderna de Música and also thanked the institution for the support she has received during her professional career following graduation, which she confirmed was tightly connected to her current success.

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