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AIEP Student is selected Miss Chile

Camila Recabarren will represent Chile at the 2012 Miss World Competition


AIEP Student is selected Miss Chile

Camila Recabarren’s name is starting to become more popular and she is becoming used to people approaching her on the street and asking for a photograph, which she accepts without any problem, but jokingly said to her fans that “the picture is worth a thousand pesos, two if I put on my crown." The winner of "Miss Chile" 2012 is also a student in Radio and Television Broadcasting Broadcasting Headquarters AIEP Providencia.

She is 21 and won the docu-reality show "It’s not enough to be pretty" (No basta con ser Bella) on Channel 13 with 53.5% of the popular vote. Born in Copiapo, Camila followed an exercise regime that included climbing the steps of a 35 story building twice a day in addition to a hypo-caloric diet that excluded rice, breads and sugary beverages (replaced by mate), which enabled her to lose 14 kilos in five months.

Camila is currently preparing to travel to Ordos in Mongolia where she will compete in the "Miss World" contest on August 18. But before leaving she shared some thoughts on the changes her victory has brought into her life as well as her experience as an AIEP student.

This article was originally written in Spanish and has been translated into English to be shared on the Laureate International Universities website.