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AIEP delivers 2011 Fashion Icon Awards


AIEP Awards

For the second year in a row, Instituto Profesional AIEP recognized leaders in the fashion industry with the Fashion Icon Awards. This year eight people were recognized by AIEP for their contributions to the industry, for their successful careers and their sense of style.

In 2011, the awards were presented to Joé Cardoch and Karyn Coo, for their support of the industry, while Tonka Tomicic, Catalina Pulido, Jorge Zabaleta, Isabel Aninat and Jordi Castell were recognized for their good taste in clothing and style, while Marta Montt received the lifetime achievement award.

During the award ceremony, also performed the traditional parade's Hot AIEP, where students from the School of Costume Design AIEP, directed by Luciano Brancoli showed his works inspired by Italy.