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Senator and President of the Christian Democratic Party (Chile) delivers speech titled "Democracy in Latin America" to students and faculty at AIEP


Senator Walker

AIEP's San Felipe Campus was recently honored with a visit from Chilean Senator and President of the Christian Democratic Party, Ignacio Walker. During his visit, Senator Walker addressed a group of AIEP students, faculty and leaders as well as members of the local community on the important topic of "Democracy in Latin America". With a summary of Latin America's political history during the 20th century and the first decade of the 21st century, Senator Ignacio Walker highlighted that "Latin America has reached a level of political stability and social order that has never existed before, where Cuba is the only country in the region that is not a democracy."

The senator added that "in the last 20 years, Chile reached a democratic stability but the political class must take on the new challenges facing society, which is seen in the recent demonstrations over the last few months."

The former minister of foreign relations also spoke about leadership in Chile, saying that it's "important that there be new actors in the country but these must be real leaders that can take on governmental projects for Chile," and warned people to be weary of "charismatic caudillo-like leaders."

Finally, Walker took questions and received a recognition from Jesus Villate, AIEP's Rector, who said that "welcoming a political figure so relevant is a big privilege for AIEP and for technical education in general recognizing the work of these professionals is valued more and more in Chile."