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AIEP Awards Scholarship to Student Hero


AIEP Student Hero Receives Award

In a ceremony attended by Jesus Villate, Rector of AIEP; Pablo Zalaquett, the Mayor of Santiago; General Claudio Veloso Bastías, Director of Education of Police; Raquel Morales, Academic Vice-Rector, Enrique Castillo, Executive Director Campus BUS; and Fernando Martinez, Vice Rector of Admissions and Communications, AIEP, student José Peña was awarded the AIEP Civic Merit Scholarship, a well deserved tribute.

José Peña is a student in the Personal Training program at AIEP's School of Sports at Campus BUS. On May 20, as he was leaving the campus, he witnessed an event no one would want to see. "I had heard there was a demonstration in the center, supposedly peaceful, but in the street I saw the opposite. There were five police who were being surrounded and struck with shocking violence by a group of masked men. When one of the police fell, I tried to protect him with my body from the sticks and stones that were being thrown by the demonstrators."

With this heroic action, José helped save Police Sergeant Mauricio Munoz, who is now recovering at Carabineros Hospital in Chile.

AIEP, as an Institution of Higher Education Institution, tries on a daily basis to instill values and principals in each of our students. For José Peña's courage in reflecting these values, AIEP's Rector, Jesus Villate, awarded him the AIEP Civic Merit Scholarship that will pay for the rest of his program.

For his part, General of Police, Claudio Veloso, emphasized José's courage and said he wished the public had thousands of young people like him "in this way we would live in a more just and caring society, where all would be secure everywhere."

For Raquel Morales, Academic Vice-President, José's actions are an example for the entire institution, not only for the 48,000 students in AIEP's 14 locations, but also for our faculty and staff in general. "In José we see a clear and explicit convergence of two of AIEP institutional values, the spirit of excellence and dedication to service, which are so important in our society."