President of the Chilean Senate visits Instituto Profesional AIEP


President of the Chilean Senate visits Instituto Profesional AIEP

The highest authority of the Chilean Senate, Jorge Pizarro delivered a speech, titled "Education and Equity" at Instituto Profesional AIEP. Before a room full of students, faculty and staff, Senator Pizarro stressed that higher education has led to increased social promotion and opportunities not previously available to the poorest social groups.

Senator Pizarro highlighted that in recent years the government has promoted access to education through scholarships for students from low income families that have a good academic background, increasing access to higher education, which he sees as very positive.

In the same vein, Jesus Villate, AIEP's Rector, confirmed that AIEP’s vision is to be the best academic and technical vocational education provider in the country "reachable for young people and adults wishing to improve their quality of life through higher education. "

AIEP graduates "join the workforce and become active contributors to Chile's development and show how this institution contributes through academic and skills-based training, with continued innovation in the academic models and the articulation between technical and vocational training" said Rector Villate.