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AIEP selected to develop research on Chilean higher education



The main criteria for the selection of the winning projects were the importance of the subject and areas of research considered to be of high-priority.

Instituto Profesional AIEP, along with four other houses higher education institutions, was selected by the National Council of Education (CNED) to support research on post-secondary education.

The five selected projects, from a total of 85 proposals in 2010, were chosen on the basis of the importance of the subject, areas of research considered to be high-priority; but also by the global quality of the presentation, internal coherence, feasibility of execution and knowledge of the participants in the research.

The AIEP project titled "Descriptive study of four articulation experiences between technical vocational institutes and universities in higher education" was proposed by Academic Vicerectora of AIEP, Raquel Morales and by Co-researcher Marcela Gaete.

For Raquel Morales, the selection of this project and enabling a more thorough study of the matter, "is a great honor that confirms we are going in the right direction, discussing and promoting the subjects that contribute to a greater development of higher education in our country".

The other winning projects are: "Quality of the experiences of learning and teaching in undergraduate degree programs: from the perspective of the professors and the students" from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile; "Comparable revision of the systems and policies for improving the development of professors guided by standards in Anglo-Saxon countries: lessons for Chile", from Universidad de Chile; "Change in the institutional management of quality assurance in the universities from the implementation of a national system quality assurance: the Chilean experience", from the Centro Interuniversitario de Desarrollo (CINDA) and "Higher technical education and industrial development: ideas and precursors. Chile 1930-1955" from Universidad de Santiago de Chile.