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Prof. Khristaan Villela Visits Universidade Salvador

University hosts the 1st International Art, Communication & Design Festival


Prof. Khristaan Villela Visits Universidade Salvador

During an intense week of activities, from October 21st to the 25th, students and professors from Universidade Salvador (UNIFACS) had a great opportunity to experience art in a variety of mediums with Prof. Khristaan Villela at the 1st International Festival of Art, Communication and Design.

Prof. Khristaan Villela,  a noted scholar with expertise in Latin American art & architecture from Pre-Columbian to Contemporary was the invited as part of one of the activities developed by the Global Partnership Program with Santa Fe University of Art and Design – New Mexico - USA.

Khristaan has been a consulting curator at the Getty Research Institute, the Walters Art Museum and the Miho Museum in Shigaraki, Japan. His publications include books on Contemporary Mexican Design & Architecture and the Aztec Calendar Stone.

During his visit to UNIFACS, professor Villela participated in lectures, workshops, technical visits with the students and faculties of the courses of Architecture, Interior Design, Fashion Design and Communication.

His visit was such an inspiration to the School of Architecture, Communication, Design and Education for the promotion and success of the UNIFACS International Festival of Architecture, Communication and Design.

Prof Khristaan’s participation, knowledge and charisma will be always remembered as something very special to our academic community.