UNIFACS professor and alumni recognized during the Day of Economics

Alumni Jadson Santana and Leonardo Moura and Professor Noelio Spinola take top awards


UNIFACS professor and alumni recognized during the Day of Economics

The Economics community at UNIFACS shone bright on the 2013 Day of the Economist. At an event held at the School of Economic Sciences of the Universidade Federal de Bahia, two recent economics alumni won first and third place in the Jairo Simões Economics Paper Award, the most important award in this field in the North / Northeast of Brazil. The award was created by the Regional Economics Council (Corecon/BA). Papers were received from graduates of all the public and private institutions in the region and a 2012 UNIFACS graduate, Jadson Santana, won first place with his work The Reality of the Contemporary Northeast: Multidimensional Poverty and Economic Growth, which studies poverty in the Northeast from a perspective that goes beyond income, noting factors such as access to education and sanitation.

"My goal was that the paper be more than just another theoretical and academic exercise. I want it to be a starting point for public policies to reduce poverty," he said. In addition to a cash prize of 3,000 Brazilian Reals, Jadson’s paper will be published and will represent Bahia at the national level. "It was a year and a half of dedication, which involved research and the crucial support of Professor Casseb, my advisor. I really wanted the work to be relevant to society and I see the award as a recognition of all this," he shared.

Leonardo Moura, another UNIFACS graduate, won third place with his paper on the Formal Labor Market in the Metropolitan Region of Salvador in the First Decade of the XXI Century. For the course coordinator, Professor Gustavo Casseb, this result is a great recognition for the students, the Economics program and the university. "Research papers are the apex of teaching. When a student can create and defend a thesis, consistent with theoretical knowledge and relevant to the community, they prove that they were able to assimilate and master the knowledge acquired throughout the program. "

Economics Professor of the Year
Another highlight of the evening for UNIFACS was that Professor Noélio Spinola, founder of the undergraduate Economics degree program and of the first graduate program at UNIFACS, was honored as the Economist of the Year, alongside fellow Professor Antonio Plínio Moura. Noelio has nearly 50 years of experience as an economist and said he was flattered by the distinction. He received a plaque commemorating the award alongside his wife Denise and daughters Analuisa, Carolina and Tatiana. Manuel Barros, Chancellor of UNIFACS, attended the event and congratulated the honorees. "We owe Professor Noelio Spinola so much, not only for the creation of the Economics course and our first graduate degree. What we see here today is a recognition of many years of work and dedication," he said.

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