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Universidade Salvador hosts first culinary arts event

Renowned guest chef Felipe Bronze shared tips on the careers in the field


Universidade Salvador hosts first culinary arts event

Guest chef Felipe Bronze helped host the 1st edition of Universidade Salvador’s culinary arts festival, which packed the local restaurant Baby Beef. At the event, which was attended by approximately 150 people, catering students could see firsthand the techniques used in Felipe’s creative cuisine, making him one of the hottest names in Brazilian cuisine today. The public could also taste dishes freshly prepared by the chef, who stressed how much fun it was to share his experience with future professionals.

The event included the participation of industry professionals and university leaders. In the presentation of the new program, Luís Fernando Carvalho, the director of Marketing and Institution Relationships, explained that the goal is to provide students with large catering contact professionals, as is the case of Bronze.

In his speech, the chancellor of the university said that, from the perspective of academia, it is essential that learning takes place outside the classroom. "That's why this event is so important, especially with a guest who excels not only as a creative chef, but also as an entrepreneur, owner of his own business," said teacher Marcia Barros. Also present at the event, the Director of Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management for the Laureate Network in Brazil, Rosa Moraes, who emphasized that the goal of the institution is to always provide the best opportunities for their students.

Felipe Bronze showed the audience his kitchen concept, which uses typical Brazilian products such as açaí, cashew cheese and cream cheese, combined with innovative molecular gastronomy techniques. In turn, the audience was able to experience the dishes as they were being prepared by the chef with the support of a team composed of students from the UNIFACS culinary arts program Simone Almeida, Rita Fiugueiras and Hildeberto Simões.

In a relaxed way, the chef gave tips on the profession and reminded students that a career requires dedication and, often, a dose of sacrifice. "Those who choose this area have, for example, to give up weekends until the day they retire, something that nobody ever intends to do." At the event, Bronze responded to questions from attendees and praised the initiative of UNIFACS in the event.

"I think it's a real privilege to speak to an audience composed of students. When I was starting out, I also sought to hear people who led the market. If by chance I could inspire some of the people here, for me it was a great achievement, "said the chef.

The event raised approximately 150 cans of powdered milk brought by the public who attended the event. The amount was donated to the pediatric hospital Martagão Gesteira, a nonprofit institution that serves the poor in the state.

This article has been translated into English to be shared on the Laureate International Universities website.