UNIFACS inaugurates Center for Sustainable Chemistry

New center will study ways to make sustainable practices more scalable


UNIFACS inaugurates Center for Sustainable Chemistry

On September 19th, the Department of Chemical Engineering at Universidade Salvador (UNIFAS) inaugurated the Center for Sustainable Chemistry. This new center marks a new stage of research on second-generation ethanol in the North and Northeast of Brazil. The research at the Center is focused on ways to reuse crushed cane sugar for fuel production, which will ensure the optimization of natural and financial resources expended to generate power.

The event was attended by the President of UNIFACS, Professor Marcelo Henrik, the Rector of UNIFACS, Professor Marcia Barros, and the Chancellor of UNIFACS, Professor Manuel Barros. The new research laboratory was officially opened by project coordinator, Professor Leila Aguilera, and the course coordinator of the Chemical Engineering program, Professor Diniz Silva, and the students who are enrolled in the program and conduct its research. Also present at the opening ceremony was Professor Luiz Pontes, coordinator of Rede Catálise in Bahia, where the new center is located.

Today, all studies indicate that fuel produced from the non-edible parts of plants are one of the more environmentally friendly and technologically most promising alternatives to oil. Research on reuse of this material, which is now used as an energy source for ethanol production ovens, is an enhancement of this idea, because it will have a direct impact in reducing the area that needs to be planted with sugarcane, by optimizing the use of the plant.

This article was originally written in Portuguese and has been translated into English to be shared on the Laureate International Universities website.