UNIFACS students win first place in the semifinals of Brazil Challenge 2012

Bruno Soares, Daniel Veiga and Bruno Cavalcanti earn victory in the regional level


UNIFACS students win first place in the semifinals of Brazil Challenge 2012

Overcoming competitors from Bahia, Alagoas and Sergipe, Motus Design, created by Mechatronics Engineering students from UNIFACS Bruno Cavalcanti, Bruno Soares and Daniel Veiga, took first place in the regional stage of the Brazil Challenge 2012 and will represent Bahia in the national competition, which takes place on October 4th in Sao Paulo.

"This outcome shows the results of the work the Engineering program at UNIFACS is doing to unite theory and technique with entrepreneurship. For the students, this is a well deserved recognition, for indeed this is a project with a great marketing position," says Rafael Araújo course coordinator of the Mechatronics Engineering program.

Motus Design is a brace used to assist the movement for individuals who have suffered from hemiplegia, a paralysis that affects one half of the body. The project, which won the last Innovative ideas Contest from the Foundation to Support Research of the State of Bahia (Fapesb), belongs to the company Vitae, formed by the students. "It's very motivating to represent Bahia in such an important competition that values ​​the entrepreneurial spirit," said Bruno Cavalcanti. The student points out that it is the second time the team has reached this stage of the competition. In 2010, the UNIFACS students reached this level with the Braille Printer project. "We are reaping the fruits of our perseverance and the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship at UNIFACS. Today, with a more mature project, we are confident that we have a good chance of coming out of the competition on top," he says.

The project has the support of the UNIFACS Business Incubator, which offers infrastructure and equipment, as well as mentoring for the Vitae team. "It is an important achievement, which demonstrates the maturity of one of our incubated companies, considering that Brazil Challenge is a platform that is judged by leading entrepreneurs and investors with experience in developing startups" explained Professor Marcelo Dultra, from the UNIFACS Business Incubator.

Brazil Challenge is the biggest entrepreneurial competition focused on technological innovation projects from entrepreneurs and startups in Brazil. The program is hosted by the Center for the Study of Private Equity and Venture Capital from the Getulio Vargas Foundation (GVcepe), and is sponsored by Intel Brazil, Telefonica and Visa, with support from Fapeam and Sebrae. The winners of the Brazil Challenge will go on to the Intel Global Challenge, held at UC Berkeley, California (USA).

This article was originally written in Portuguese and has been translated into English to be shared on the Laureate International Universities website.