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UNIFACS recognizes three student teams with the Adroaldo Leão Award

Award is given to volunteer work focused on the local community


UNIFACS recognizes three student teams with the Adroaldo Leão Award

On August 15th, the Center for Citizenship (CECI) at the School of Law at Universidade Salvador (UNIFACS) awarded the latest installment of the Adroaldo Leão Award. The Adroaldo Leão Award recognizes volunteer activities conducted in legal education for the community, especially in middle schools. For the first time in the history of the award, three teams won first place. According to CECI’s coordinator, Professor Pensilvânia Neves, three teams were recognized due to the high level of work done by students.

The three winning projects addressed different issues. Fernanda Menezes Farias and Danilo Ribeiro Cunha delivered a short course on the Maria da Penha Law at the Professor Elisabeth Chaves Veloso school. Ludmila Souza Sampaio and Andreza Cerqueira de Oliveira held a workshop on the theme of Mothers Family - The Family in the Federal Constitution of 1988 in the San Diego High School. Pedro Paulo Lopes Viana Santos and Tiago Braga Araujo Duran Bugallo delivered a minicourse on The Good Consumer at the San Diego High School.

During the awards ceremony, which was attended by the Chancellor UNIFACS, Professor Manuel Barros, and the Rector of the institution, Professor Marcia Barros, the coordinator of the School of Law at UNIFACS, and in whose honor the award was named, Professor Adroaldo Leão, highlighted the quality of work. "The three papers included topics very relevant from a legal standpoint and very much aligned with the needs and interests of society," said the coordinator.

Professor Adroaldo also drew attention to the performance achieved by the UNIFACS law school in national competitions and reviews, such as the examination of the Order of Lawyers of Brazil. "In the last survey released by the OAB, UNIFACS received third place among private institutions in the country. This outcome reflects the quality of the training our students receive and high level of performance of our students," said the proud coordinator.

This article was originally written in Portuguese and has been translated into English to be shared on the Laureate International Universities website.