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UNIFACS student wins second place in national Culinary Arts contest

Simone Roberta Silva’s culinary creation rises to the top


UNIFACS student wins second place in national Culinary Arts contest

Competing with nearly 4,000 students from all over Brazil, Simone Roberta Silva, a student at Universidade Salvador (UNIFACS), won second place in the Brazilian Food Competition with her Explosive Tangerine recipe. Hosted by the magazine Alta Gastronomia (Advanced Gastronomy), the competition culminated in the final challenge on June 29, which put the participants up against each other in savory and sweet dishes categories.

The success of this original and very creative recipe, which is made with chocolate ganache, orange liqueur, tangerine juice and is served in the very skin of the fruit, surprised the creator herself. "People really sign up for these types of contests without knowing what they are getting themselves into. There were people from all over the country competing. For me, this was a great achievement," said the UNIFACS student.

Eight recipes were selected from each category of the competition for the final stage, in which students had to prepare their dishes for judges. According to contest rules, the judges took into account the description of the creation, creativity, presentation and harmonization among the ingredients.

For Luísa Talento, the coordinator of the UNIFACS culinary arts program, Simone’s great experience at this competition is an incentive for more students to participate in local and national events. "This is an enriching experience for students, and gives them the opportunity to put what they learn to the test and expand their social networks. I hope that other students are encouraged by Simone’s success," said the coordinator.

This article was originally written in Portuguese and has been translated into English to be shared on the Laureate International Universities website.