UNIFACS students play key role in the Salon du Chocolat

Students help organize and produce world renowned chocolate event


UNIFACS students play key role in the Salon du Chocolat

In July, students from the Events and Culinary Arts program at UNIFACS participated in the first Brazilian edition of the Salon du Chocolat, the largest global event dedicated to chocolate. The Salon took place at Bahia’s Convention Center and brought people involved in the creation, use and sale of chocolate together from different parts of the world, with a schedule of classes and presentations from the world’s leading chocolatiers.

"It was a great opportunity for students to develop professional contacts, meet renowned chefs and better understand this important market," said Professor Luisa Talento, the Culinary Arts and Events Management course coordinator at UNIFACS. At the UNIFACS stand stand, students served the public a chocolate ganache with cashew nuts and apricots, distributed recipes and gave tips on working with chocolate. In addition, the students helped large international chocolatiers with their demonstrations of special recipes.

"Being here is a great learning experience, it is an opportunity to show what we’ve learned, to be seen and establish contact with the leaders in this field", said student Raildes Pereira, who was helping the French chocolatier Vincent Guerlais with a chocolate and caramel recipe. Raildes plans to specialize in baking and want to open his own business. "The background in business that I earned through this course makes all the difference. My plan is to observe trends and identify an open space in the market that I can fill," he said.

Students also worked closely with Licia Fabio Productions in organizing the Salon. "We bring together groups of students every semester, who work on the forum and the cocktail party, which is held in Rio Branco Palace, which provides them with access to the lectures and demonstrations  based at the Convention Center," says Professor Ilka Carreira.

She also highlighted the learning opportunities provided to studens by working closely with one of the leading event producers in Salvador. "They had the opportunity to follow along from the creation of the concept to producing and managing the event."

This article was originally written in Portuguese and has been translated into English to be shared on the Laureate International Universities website.