There are no boundaries in science for students from UNIFACS

Students win scholarships to participate in international programs


Carla, Ingrid, Maurício, Vinicius and Thassyo are packed for a unique experience. The five were the first students from UNIFACS to be awarded scholarships to participate in the Science without Frontiers program, created by Brazil’s Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation to promote Brazilian competitiveness through international exchange and mobility. The scholarships are awarded to students from select universities that host undergraduate and post-graduate research. "The commitment of UNIFACS to create opportunities for students to learn new ways of learning science has made all the difference and allowed our students to enjoy this opportunity to enrich their personal and professional lives," said the Rector of UNIFACS, Professor Marcia Barros.

"The expectation for the program is primarily cultural, giving students an opportunity to see new places and meet new people, have life experiences in a new environment. It also has the intellectual aspect of exposing them to teaching in a first world country," said Pinto Thassyo, Mechatronics Engineering student who will be going to The State University of New York. "It will have a very positive multiplier effect when these students return to Brazil and spread all the knowledge they have acquired," said the Dean of the Graduate Research, Professor Leonardo Teixeira.

Funded by the program, the students will study for two academic semesters in some of the world's best universities, where they will also participate in research projects and have the opportunity to do internships in multinational companies. "In addition to academic experience with internationally recognized teachers, we will develop a vision of what the labor market is like out there," says Maurício Tourinho, a Mechanical Engineering student. For Ingrid Almeida, a student in Civil Engineering, the experience of living outside Brazil will bring personal and professional benefits. "I believe this experience will make us more able to face future changes and adaptations in the workplace," she said.

Carla Vilas Boas, who will attend Sapienza Università di Roma, hopes to expand her professional opportunities in Italy, which is a benchmark in the field of Architecture. "We expect to learn about and experience the techniques used in the Restoration, for example, which is immense. I can’t wait to be there," she said. The UNIFACS students will begin their adventures in August.

This article was originally written in Portuguese and has been translated into English to be shared on the Laureate International Universities website.