UNIFACS recognized as the best private university in Bahia


UNIFACS Campus Iguatemi

For the third year in a row, Universidade Salvador (UNIFACS) was recognized by the Ministry of Education as the best private university in Bahia and the 2nd best in the North / Northeast, according to the General Index of Courses (IGC), which has just been published by the MEC. The IGC is an indicator that considers institutional factors as results on the Enade (Exame Nacional de Desempenho dos Estudantes - National Student Examination), quality of faculty, facilities and infrastructure, teaching resources, commitment to post-graduate programs, number of faculty with a master and or doctoral degree, among others. According to Professor Marcia Barros, the Rector of UNIFACS, "This recognition of the academic quality of UNIFACS, positioning us again among the best universities in the Northeast, is the result of commitment and dedication of the entire UNIFACS team from our management, to our teachers and students in developing a serious and competent work, focused on quality education, a key element for the development of our region and our country."

UNIFACS IES is the best in Feira de Santana

The MEC evaluation extends to UNIACS Campus Feira de Santana, where the UNIFACS was recognized as the best institution, public and private, in the city. "The result shows how UNIFACS is aligned with the required parameters of the MEC, and also highlights our commitment to offering the best training for our students, contributing to the growth of the local market," says UNIFACS General Manager, Professor Angelo Chaves. He said the position of the best institution in the city, surpassing even public universities, is the result of continuous investment UNIFACS has made in quality education. "This shows our concern for the faculty and facilities, as well as our focus on constantly improving student outcomes," he concluded.