Law program at UNIFACS recognized among the best in Brazil


Universidade Salvador (UNIFACS)

The law school at UNIFACS had the best performance in the last review by the OAB (Brazilian Association of Lawyers) among all private institutions of higher education in the country. Launched in 1996, the law program at UNIFACS has earned this recognition due to the high number of graduates who have passed the examination. The law program at UNIFACS is the only program offered by a private institution in Bahia that has the OAB seal of recommendation.

Throughout Brazil, only three private institutions are among the OAB's top 50 ranking. UNIFACS is ranked first among the country's private institutions and is the only private institution from the North / Northeast part of this select group.

The coordinator of the program at UNIFACS, professor Adroaldo Leo, celebrates the outcome of the graduates, noting that the OAB examination of is one of the most taken in the country. Leo points out that the examination is essential for professionals in the area, as only those that pass can practice. In his opinion, the good performance of the UNIFACS program is due to the joint work of teachers, students and the university.

"Our students are motivated by competent and dedicated teachers who work in a stimulating educational environment," said Professor Leo Adroaldo, noting that the performance achieved by the program will push everyone to continue striving to further improve the program.