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Universidade Potiguar Hosts Music Festival

Competition reveals talent from through the university


Universidade Potiguar Hosts Music Festival

On October 23 and 24, Universidade Potiguar (UnP) hosted their 1st Music Festival. The Festival was a total success from the moment that the inscription process was opened, which was exclusively aimed at students, teachers and employees from the university, and revealed talents in categories including solo and band in various musical styles.

The event was attended by President Marcus Peixoto and Rectora Samela Gomes, who thanked all the directors of the Festival. "It was a lovely festival with our students and teachers shining, everyone involved with a university that is theirs and ours, enabling us all to do more. Teamwork is the lifeblood of the organization and of this festival. Those who only see the final results cannot understand the magnitude of what was required to get us here. I'm sure in 20 or 30 years, this will be remembered as a key date in the development of the culture and art of our state," said Rectora Gomes.

The top three candidates were recognized in each category. The winners in the solo category were: 1st place - Clécio Favone (Accounting), 2nd place: Ceiling Gomes (Graphic Design), 3rd place: Yuri Bittencourt (Law). Band category: 1st place: Dekadas (History), 2nd place: Karmen Flash (Advertising and PR), 3rd place: Black Century (Advertising and PR).

The winner of the solo competition, Clécio Favone, sang "Hallelujah" and spoke of the joy of the moment of victory. "I was very nervous, but also had a lot of confidence. It was awesome!” Focused on the blues the band Dekadas won its category with a performance of the musician Claudio Weiss.

The jury was composed of professionals from the music industry who analyzed the originality of the music, the creativity of the lyrics, the melody, pitch and harmony. The expectation of teachers and leaders of the University is that this will be only the first of many to come.

The event took place during the XV and XVI UnP Scientific Congress.

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