Universidade Potiguar students take top spots in the IEL Internship Awards

Student projects will help companies reduce pollution and enhance hiring practices


Universidade Potiguar students take top spots in the IEL Internship Awards

Students from the Schools of Engineering and Health Sciences from Universidade Potiguar (UnP) were recognized in the latest IEL Internship Awards. The IEL Internship Awards honor the university students who developed the best academic projects during internships with companies in Rio Grande do Norte. The award ceremony was held at the Convention Center, during the 2013 Knowledge Olympics, and was attended by many civic and business leaders.

Coming in second in the "Large Company" category, Débora Cristina Fonseca Miranda, a Psychology student, was recognized for "The Learner Development Program". This program focuses on reducing costs associated with recruiting, hiring and providing professional development opportunities to interns. The project was guided by Professor Alda Karoline Lima and by psychologist Ozeni Carneiro, and was implemented in a factory in greater Natal.

Mônica da Glória Cavalcanti, a student in UnP’s Oil and Gas Engineering program, took first place. Her project "Power Generation Through CO2 Capture" was developed in CTGAS-ER and was completed under the guidance of Dr. Juan Alberto Ruiz Chavez, MSc. Fabiola Correia de Carvalho and Professor Dr. Francisco Wendell Bezerra Lopes, from UnP. The project, which was also the winner of the II Workshop of Petroleum Engineering at the Federal University of Campina Grande, will now participate in the National Prize level of the IEL Internship Awards, competing with leading students from institutions of higher education located all over Brazil.

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