Universidade Potiguar hosts advertising forum

Latin American Network of Researchers in Advertising convene in Natal


Universidade Potiguar hosts advertising forum

The School of Arts and Communication at Universidade Potiguar (UnP) hosted a forum of researchers from the Latin American Network of Researchers in Advertising (Relaip) in April. The researchers took a tour of the campus and held a roundtable discussion titled, "Publicity today," covering topics such as urban and consumer profiles, post-modernity, and hypermodernity in the Americas.

The event was held at UnP’s Roberto Freire Campus and was attended by students from the Advertising, Film, and Journalism degree programs. The Director of the School of Communication, Professor Valeria Credidio and Professor Josenildo Soares welcomed the researchers stressed the importance of the debate.

The roundtable was a sample of the First International Advertising Conference and the Third Meeting of Researchers in Advertising which took place in Natal in early April, addressing the theme "Perspectives of Iberoamerican Advertising." The events are the result of a partnership between the universities represented by RELAIP, UFRN, and UnP.

The participants in the debate included the following members of Relaip: Salomon Mejia (Universidad Católica Manizales), Jesús Valencia (Universidad Central), Ingrid Zacipa Infante (Universidad Central), Baquero Monica Gaitan (President of Relaip from Pontificia Universidad Javeriana), Isabel Cristina Torres Estrada (Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana), Carmen Elisa Cruz Lerma (Universidad Autónoma do Occidente de Call), and Alexander Castro Zamudio (Universidad Central).

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