Universidade Potiguar hosts 2nd Communication and Education Congress

Event at UnP’s Roberto Freire Campus will focus on preparing Natal for the 2014 World Cup


Universidade Potiguar hosts 2nd Communication and Education Congress

The School of Communication and Arts and the School of Education from Universidade Potiguar (UnP), in partnership with the Inter TV Cabugi, will host the 2nd Congress of Communication and Education of Rio Grande do Norte and the First Meeting of Education and Communication UNP – EDUCOM between May 21st and 23rd. The theme of the congress is "Natal on the world agenda ", and will take place at the Roberto Freire campus from 2pm to 10pm and will include lectures, panel discussions, short courses, workshops, exhibitions and cultural events.

The event will discuss how the city is preparing for the 2014 World Cup and will encourage reflection on the implementation of political, economic, social and cultural projects related to the event. The meeting will focus attention on policies that will support social development: economic planning, creating jobs, trade stabilization, sustainable tourism and heritage preservation of the city, the transportation sector and urban planning, among others.

In addition, the event will address the cultural aspects that permeate social relations, as cultural identities, the relationship between history and memory, the social use of the Portuguese language in the media, the role of the media in communicating with the society, the use of English in the service sector of the city, and the behavior or role of the host country in the context of the World Cup.

The conference is designed for students and teachers from UnP and other institutions, and external professionals. Tickets, which are available through the web site cost R $30 for students and teachers of the UNP, R $60 for students from other educational institutions and R $120 for external professionals (people who work in different areas of the market and have no ties to the university).

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