Graduate from Universidade Potiguar’s dentistry program earns selective residency

Magno Liberato will continue learning at the Maxillo-Facial Surgery C


Graduate from Universidade Potiguar’s dentistry program earns selective residency

Magno Liberato, a 2012 graduate from the School of Dentistry of Universidade Potiguar (UnP), received the only residency available in Maxillo-Facial Surgery at the Red Cross Hospital of Facial Defects in São Paulo. In addition, he also received a grant from the Tiradentes Academy of Dentistry, in which will serve as an active member.

According to Magno, "This whole sequence of events was the result of the great effort I exerted in completing my degree program, because from the third year I knew that I wanted to specialize in this field and I wasted no time in asking for help from my teachers, to begin studying specific elements regarding surgery, enriching my resume by publishing articles and delivering presentations at conferences," he explained.

The School of Health Sciences at UnP has one of the most advanced dental education centers in Latin America and receives dozens of students from the Laureate network every year that come from different parts of the world to gain access to UnP’s cutting edge infrastructure, laboratories and clinics. In addition, the faculty of the institution is composed of professors that have earned extensive experience and have a solid academic background, who receive constantly updated training through the university and the Laureate International Universities network.

Liberato also explained that it was precisely the last presentation he delivered at the Paulista Congress of Surgery, which was the only approved oral presentation from Rio Grande do Norte, that got him invited to join the Tiradentes Academy of Dentistry as an active member. "I just longed to enter (the Academy) after years working in the area," he said, surprised.

The graduate also thanked UnP for the quality education he received, "Universidade Potiguar’s professors pushed and incentivized me to study, publish articles, and deliver presentations at conferences. I have always been supported by these teachers that have now become my friends."

This article has been translated into English to be shared on the Laureate International Universities website.