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Archbishop of Natal visits Universidade Potiguar

Bishop Jaime Ferreira participates in panel on the current and future role of the Vatican


Archbishop of Natal visits Universidade Potiguar

On March 18, the International Relations program at Universidade Potiguar hosted a special lecture series event at the Floriano Peixoto Campus focused on the Vatican and topics related to Catholics in Brazil and Worldwide. The subject has been under the focus of the international media and in academic discussions because of the election of Pope Francisco and speculation about how he will lead the Catholic Church.

The discussion included Professor Marco Alves as mediator and the Archbishop of Natal, Bishop Jaime Ferreira, who shared a summary of the history and modern role of the Catholic Church, and answered questions from participants. Among the items on the agenda are the fifty years of the Fraternity Campaign, the Second Vatican Council and the current situation of the Catholic Church.

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