Universidade Potiguar celebrates the graduation of Brazil’s newest doctors

60 students recognized from UnP’s 1st class to graduate from the School of Medicine


Universidade Potiguar celebrates the graduation of Brazil’s newest doctors

On July 16, 2012, Universidade Potiguar (UnP) was proud to recognize the 60 students who completed 6 years of studies to become the newest doctors in the northeast of Brazil. This was the first graduation from UnP’s School of Medicine.

The authorization of UnP’s medical program, which was granted in 2006, was the result of an ongoing vision and commitment from the institution’s leaders. Rectora Sâmela Gomes recognized some of the leaders who brought that vision to the institution and helped nurture and make the medical program a reality, including, but not limited to, Professor Paulo de Paula, Professor Ion, Professor Graça, Professor Sandra, Professor Fátima Pedrosa, Professor Goreti; Professor Carlos Moura, Professor Dulcimar, and Professor Socorro Morais. She further recognized the current leadership of the School of Medicine, Professors Fernando Suassuna and Giselle Gasparino, and their work top build on this solid foundation.

Rectora Gomes also recognized the crucial role that the students played in the creation of the School of Medicine, “When the Medical School was authorized we had a shell into which you came, our first class, who actively worked with us to make this the best school. I congratulate you all and tell you, you are jointly responsible for the legacy of this school. Today, our medical school is recognized as one of the best in Brazil and the best in the northeast of Brazil.”

She concluded the ceremony by thanking the students for the honor they bestowed on Universidade Potiguar by dedicating the last six years of their lives to their studies and wished them all continued success.