UnP’s School of Arts and Communication is the biggest winner of Intercom’s Northeast competition

Students win 10 awards in the Advertising, Journalism and Film categories


UnP’s School of Arts and Communication is the biggest winner of Intercom’s Northeast competition

The School of Arts and Communication at Universidade Potiguar (UnP) was once again featured on Intercom’s regional stage, the largest communications competition in the Northeast, which brought together faculty and students to Recife. During the event, UnP students won 10 prizes; 5 in Advertising, 4 in Journalism, and 1 in Film.

With 10 prizes, UnP was the leading institution at the competition, coming in just ahead of UFCE. "Our happiness with this great outcome is even greater when we take into consideration that it was the result of teamwork between each member of the school, with the full support of UnP," said Professor Valerie Credidio, Director of the School of Arts and Communication.

Good results from UnP students in head to head competitions have become a university tradition. It is the fruit of the hard work of faculty in building the best courses and the students working hard to learn and put this knowledge to work, as well as the pioneering institution responsible for the oldest program in Advertising and the first in cinema in Rio Grande do Norte.

The projects presented included films, websites, advertising concepts, research, among many others. Now the students are preparing to represent the Northeast Region in the national Intercom competition, which will take place in Fortaleza from September 3rd to the 7th. Below is the list of winning students:


  • Tracey Monick Inacio Da House
  • Maria Florencio Vanessa Da Silva
  • Fillipe Tadeu Maia Cunha
  • José Alexandre Lopes Da Silva Gomes


  • Lidiane Medeiros
  • Rachel Medeiros
  • Rachel Medeiros
  • Fernando Liberato
  • Arthur Medeiros


  • Pedro Duarte Ciarlini

This article was originally written in Portuguese and has been translated into English to be shared on the Laureate International Universities website.