Brazil’s Minister of Foreign Relations vists Universidade Potiguar

Antonio Patriota speaks with students about Brazil and international relations


Brazil’s Minister of Foreign Relations vists Universidade Potiguar

Antonio Patriota, the Minister of Foreign Relations of Brazil, visited Universidade Potiguar (UnP) on April 27 to talk to students from the Business and Journalism programs about Brazil, international relations and Brazil’s growing global role.

During his lecture, which was attended by approximately 800 people (including students, faculty and local leaders from Rio Grande do Norte), the Minister indicated that the government is working to increase its contact with universities all over Brazil. He confirmed the responsibility of the state to bring Brazil’s universities and each region of Brazil to the rest of the world. "We want to bring the world to Rio Grande do Norte and Rio Grande do Norte to the world," said Patriota.

The growth in the number of embassies and demand for more and more diplomats to represent Brazil all over the world are the results of the successful international relations policies that the Brazilian government has implemented over the past decade.

For the Minister, the peaceful relations that Brazil enjoys with its closest neighbors, its solid economic status and the role that Brazil has played within BRIC are positioning Brazil as a different type of world power. "Brazil has relations with all the United Nations countries, which symbolizes the fact that Brazil is a peaceful country," he said. The Minister also highlighted some of the key differences between Brazil and the other five top emerging markets and talked about the ecological, economic and regional challenges the world faces as well as those posed by nuclear weapons.

"We believe that internationality is a key factor in our programs and we do not frame issues within geographic boundaries with our students," said the Rector Sâmela Soraya Gomes as she explained the efforts UnP is undertaking to bring a truly international experience to their students.

UnP was proud to host Minister Patriota and is preparing to welcome other leaders to speak to students and members of the university community about international events and future trends in education and the labor markets.


This article was originally written in Portuguese and has been translated into English to be shared on the Laureate International Universities website.