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Drogarias Extra and Universidade Anhembi Morumbi launch new partnership

New partnership will create opportunities for Anhembi’s pharmacy students to earn hands on experience


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Drogarias Extra, a leading Brazilian pharmacy, and Universidade Anhembi have announced a new partnership. The drugstore chain will open a branch on Anhembi’s Centro Campus, which will host classes for students in the undergraduate pharmacy degree program. This new partnership will provide students in the School of Pharmacy with direct access to the day-to-day life and challenges in the pharmacy profession, including assembly, administration, handling and dispensing of medicines and cosmetics, as well as inventory control, customer service, financial management and pharmaceutical care.

Geraldo Alécio, coordinator of Anhembi Morumbi pharmacy program, explains that the new partnership will provide students with experience in a real life learning environment where daily practice is ethically and responsibly carried. "The values associated with excellence in pharmaceutical education at Anhembi Morumbi are creating a new model of training in pharmacy," he stated.

Through the partnership, Drogarias Extra employees will have access to programs and training at Anhembi Morumbi. This puts them in touch with a team of specialized professors, expertise, technology and teaching methodology of the only university in Brazil whose undergraduate pharmacy program received the Certificate of Excellence in Pharmaceutical Education from the Regional Council of Pharmacy of the State of Sao Paulo.

"It's very exciting to launch this partnership with Anhembi Morumbi, which will bring the day-to-day of the pharmacy profession to students, contributing to their preparation," says Pedro Paulo Becker Silva, Operations Manager, Drogarias Extra.


This article was originally written in Portuguese and has been translated into English to be shared on the Laureate International Universities website.