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Culinary Arts Team from Universidade Anhembi Morumbi wins cooking competition


Culinary Arts team from UAM wins cooking competition

With a lot of creativity, a dose of innovation and experience, the Anhembi Morumbi culinary arts team composed of Daniel Braga Caiado and Rodrigo Simões Ferreira – who were selected to represent Anhembi Morumbi based on a variety of criteria including academic results – and led by chef Luis Fernando Perin, was the victor of the Laureate Culinary Showcase.

The Laureate Culinary Showcase was organized during the 2011 Laureate Leadership Summit in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, which was attended by leaders from throughout Laureate's international network. The Laureate Culinary Showcase brought together chefs and culinary students from Brazil, Mexico (Universidad del Valle de Mexico), Jordan (Royal Academy of Culinary Arts) and the United States (Kendall College), and provided them with the opportunity to showcase their talents through the preparation and presentation of cuisine from their regions.

To win the competition, the Anhembi Morumbi team presented the 250 guests – representing 80 countries from around the world – a series of typical Brazilian dishes: Chopped filet, Brazil nut streusel, banana caramelized in sugar cane molasses and pepper.

According to Chef Luis Fernando Perin, the selection was a success given the uniqueness of the local ingredients, like Biquinho pepper, which has distinctive characteristics.

The winning menu was tested four times so that the team could integrate all the adjustments needed before serving. It is worth noting that some ingredients had to be brought from Brazil so the recipe could be authentically reproduced.

"Events like these, plus the prestige of Brazilian cuisine, allow our students significant experience, which adds tremendously to their knowledge and future professional success," noted Chef Perin.