Anhembi Morumbi Journalism student wins national award


Anhembi Morumbi Journalism student wins national award
Journalism student Janderson Angelim was honored at the Fourteenth Brazilian Folk Communication Conference (XIV Conferência Brasileira de Folkcomunicação) for his documentary, Bulindo no Formigueiro. The conference is considered one of the most important national events in the area of communication and is a forum for the presentation of research in the field of communication.

As part of the conference, students, professionals, teachers and amateurs create videos that compete against one another on the theme of the conference. The film created by Janderson Angelim tells the story of Dinho Nascimento, one of Brazil's most popular artists.

The short film, which is 12 minutes in length, is a mosaic of artists and musicians like Oswaldinho de Cuíca e Nasi, Brazilian pop-culture researchers like Tiao Carvalho, and Capoeira Masters, as well as students, family and musical partners of the artist.

Janderson's advisor, Prof. Eliane Fatima Corti Basso, confirmed that the student's talent and creativity were key elements of recording, writing and editing the documentary. According to Prof. Corti, "The serious work of field research, visiting Querosene several times, even before beginning to record, earned Janderson credibility not only from the artist but also from the artist's family, friends, musicians and researchers whose collaboration was vital to complete the documentary. Comprehensive research of survey data and archival materials (photographs and videos of the artist) helped in the process of research and planning."

To Janderson, the award has great significance. "It shows the value of both the academic curriculum and my future potential as a professional in the field of Communication. I think the award is a motivation to explore more content production projects and will push me to achieve more."