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IBMR Opens New Health Sciences Clinic

New clinic is named in honor to its founder, Professor Herminio da Silveira


IBMR Opens New Health Sciences Clinic

Emotion and pride marked the inauguration of IBMR’s new Clinical School, which is located in Catete, Rio do Janeiro, Brazil. The new facility is named in honor of Professor Herminio da Silveira, the founder of the institution, who recently passed away. The ceremony was attended by the widow of the educator, Mariusa Alencar da Silveira, who unveiled the inauguration plaque.

"I'm sure that the clinic will be a success because the people who are here are imbued with the desire to serve," said Mariusa in her prepared remarks.

The integrated health school and clinic will house the full program including classrooms, labs, clinics, evaluation centers and research in health sciences. More than 150 students, under the supervision of professionals, will provide assistance to patients of all ages.

"We are inaugurating this space that will enable our students to gain hands on expertise, since the service will involve various healthcare specialties. This practice reinforces the commitment of IBMR to society," said Sergio Vasquez, Director General of IBMR.

The clinic will offer services in applied psychology, nutrition, physical therapy, esthetics, biomedicine, nursing and physical education. The space brings together laboratories and clinics with modern and comfortable facilities that will provide services for free to the communities in the South Zone, mainly Flamengo, Botafogo, Laranjeiras, Cattete and Gloria, and the neighborhoods to the north and west of Rio.

"Long ago the coordinators in our health programs began to plan to build a space like this. In addition to providing a new better learning experience for our students, the clinic will help prepare them for higher-quality labor market," reiterated the rector Pedro Andrade.

The event ended with a cocktail hour and cooked delicacies that were prepared and served by the students from IBMR’s culinary school.

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