IBMR Partners with Pink October

Organizing educational events and lectures to combat breast cancer


IBMR Partners with Pink October

As part of the Pink October international movement, IBMR will be organizing and leading a number of different events during the month of October to increase awareness of and help eradicate breast cancer. Targeting women and society in general, the activities are designed to draw attention to the importance of early diagnosis of the disease and will involve faculty, students and staff from IBMR.

On October 25th, at 17h, Luize Gonçalves Lima will talk about the Early Detection of Breast Cancer. On October 28th, at 11:30 am, Sandra Valeria Ferreira Baptista will address Sexuality after breast reconstruction. Both lectures will take place at IBMR’s Barra Campus, which will also host simultaneous meetings on October 30th, at 11:30 am, during which Ana Cristina Leon will talk about breast cancer, from prevention to treatment. At the same time, Laudinéia Jesus Moura addresses prevention, treatment and myths of breast cancer.

Later that same day at 17h, Elaine Oliveira dos Santos Melo will discuss Lymphatic drainage and Laudinéia Jesus Moura will return to discuss the subject of prevention, treatment and myths of breast cancer.

Regarding Pink October

The movement started in 1990 in the first Race for the Cure, which was held in New York, and since then has taken place in the city annually. In 1997 they began to promote activities aimed at diagnosis and disease prevention, choosing the month of October as the epicenter of the activities. Today Pink October is recognized in various places around the world.
The importance of self-examination

Knowing one’s own body is the best way to detect an abnormality. Therefore, self-examination is essential. Through it, women can identify any changes in the breast and look for a specialist to identify the cause.

The self-examination increases the chances of early detection, which increases opportunities for treatments and cure. However, it does not replace mammograms and ultrasound, which must be requested by professionals. Prevention is the best medicine.

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