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Faculdade dos Guararapes launches Project in partnership with U.S. Consulate celebrating its 10th Anniversary


Faculdade dos Guararapes Celebrates 10th Anniversary

On Tuesday, June 28, Faculdade dos Guararapes (FG) held an event to promote the Defenders of the Right to Citizenship project and to launch the Institution's 10th Anniversary celebrations. Thomas Sannon, the U.S. Ambassador in Brazil, and Christopher Del Corso, the U.S. consul in Recife, attended the event which was organized in a partnership between Faculdade dos Guararapes, the Maria da Penha Institute, the U.S Consulate and the Jaboatão dos Guararapes City Hall, where FG is located.

The Defenders of the Rights to Citizenship project aims to involve professors, students and society as volunteers in a program to train people and build up a network to prevent violence against women. Enrollment in the program begins in July and will be available on through FG's website:

Dimas Ferreira, CEO - North East Operations - Brazil at Laureate Intenational Universities, Jorge Hidalgo, General Director at FG and Vanessa Piasson, Academic Director at FG also attended the event. According to Dimas Ferreira, "The Project seeks to bring the community inside at FG to discuss issues concerning access to citizenship through ideas to face all kind of prejudice and violence, mainly against women." According to Regina Célia, the coordinator of the Defenders of the Right to Citizenship project, "the idea is engage professors, students and society to fight against the violence. We will work with men and women."