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UniRitter Professor selected to partricipate in Top China Program

Professor Maria Cristina d'Ornellas wins opportunity from Santander Universities


UniRitter Professor selected to partricipate in Top China Program

Between July 4th and the 27th, Professor Maria Cristina d'Ornellas, from UniRitter’s Faculty of Law, will be in Shanghai and Beijing, attending classes and cultural activities that comprise the Top China Program, sponsored by Santander Universities. This is the 5th edition of the project that includes the participation of students and teachers from different areas of education at institutions of higher education in Brazil. It is a full scholarship for the period of study.

In addition to UniRitter, representatives from Brazil in 2013 come from a number of leading institutions, including, UFRGS, PUCRS PUCMG, FGV, ITA, UNICAMP, USP, UFPA UNIVALI, UNESP and FFU. Launched in 2009, Top China Program is a pioneering initiative of the Santander Universities that promotes exchanges between Brazil and China to debate issues of global concern. Among the objectives are bilateral cooperation, the internationalization of academic activity; learning Chinese language and culture, dialogue and cultural exchange. Until the previous editions, the Top China has awarded 355 scholarships.

The academic part of the program will be delivered at Beijing University and Shanghai Jiao Tong University. "My expectations are great precisely because it is an opportunity for teaching and learning together," said the professor. She reports that her classes will cover topics that are part of the disciplines that UniRitter delivers, with a focus on Business Law, International Trade and Human Rights, and Intellectual Property.

Classes will focus on Chinese language and culture and also a course designed specifically for the study of the topic "Process and Management for Sustainability." On the cultural activities, they will visit the Great Wall, Peking Opera, Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City and Shanghai Museum. "I also believe that their own everyday activities such as the use of public transport, walking around the city, trying the delicacies of local cuisine, communicating with the population, will also contribute to our better understanding of the history and culture of China," said d'Ornellas .

China is the world's largest country in terms of population and has the world’s second largest economy, Professor d'Ornellas believes that there are numerous issues to be analyzed to understand the real situation in the country, such as aspects related to international trade, intellectual property, environment, climate change and global security.

Professor d'Ornellas has earned other international academic experiences, such as completing a Master in International and European Trade Law at Universiteit van Amsterdam. She was also a trainee of the United Nations in Geneva, United Nations Conference on Trade and Development and ITC - International Trade Center, and even participated in courses on International Trade and Intellectual Property in Bern and Munich. "I feel privileged to represent the UniRitter" she shared.

This article has been translated into English to be shared on the Laureate International Universities website.