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UniNorte’s Student Will Conduct the Olympic Torch



The Olympic Torch will be passing through over 300 cities in Brazil on its way to Rio 2016, and UniNorte student Max Anderson was chosen by Coca-Cola in its “IssoéOuro” (This is Gold) contest to have the unforgettable experience of running with the torch.

The “IssoéOuro” contest required contestants to tell a personal story about how he or she spreads happiness to his or her community. Max told the story about the Farmamigos Project he did during a pharmacy course under the tutelage of Professor Danielle Santos.

The Farmamigos Project aims to promote happiness at various institutions such as nursing homes, children's homes and public schools through lectures, health care orientation and donating food and supplies.

As one of the winners, Max will lead the torch around the capital of Acre state, Rio Branco. Speaking about his anticipation for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, Anderson said that he can’t measure how happy and anxious he is to live this unique moment.  “I don’t have words to express the joy and emotion to know that I’ll be a part of this occasion, and that my story was chosen among thousands that were sent,” said Anderson.

This article has been translated into English to be shared on the Laureate International Universities website.