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Short film created by UniNorte graduates wins Film Festival

Final project from graduate course in cinema won the category of best short fiction


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The short film "Et Set Era" won the ninth Amazonas Film Festival for Best Short Fiction Film. The film was written, produced and directed by graduates from the undergraduate program in Media and Communication and the graduate program in Cinema from Centro Universitário do Norte (UniNorte).

Directed by Emerson Medina, from UniNorte’s graduate program in Cinema, "Et Set Era" is a tribute to the cinema from the perspective of a group of friends who are passionate about film. The movie is set in a costume party, which is attended by characters known to the public, like Neo from The Matrix, a Gogo from Kill Bill, among many others. The characters discuss the work of important directors, calling attention to the character of Gogo, recalling the local cinema and reality of filming in the Amazon.

"Our work was always aimed at the the Festival, because we knew the material available (equipment and personnel) in the city," says Emerson. "I hope the UniNorte continues to offer this graduate course on Cinema and encourage more groups to undertake jobs like this that will build up cinema in the state. It is important to recognize the pioneering nature of the institution that brought this two year program to Amazonas," Emerson said.

In addition to the best short fiction, Beatriz Beraldo, a graduate from UniNorte’s advertising UniNorte, won first place as an actress in the same short, for her portrayal of the character Gogo.

The coordinator of UniNorte’s Communication program, Gustavo Soranz, highlighted the participation of other students and alumni in the Amazonas Film Festival. "We are very happy because we had great participation from students and graduates who are producing and doing theater in Manaus," said Soranz.

Participants from UniNorte who participated in the Amazonas Film Festival included:

  • A segunda balada – Dir. Rafael Ramos (graduate from the Journalism program)
  • Et Set Sera - Dir. Rodrigo Castro (graduate of the Advertising program and of the postgraduate Cinema program) and Emerson Medina (graduate of the postgraduate in Cinema program); Beatriz Beraldo (graduate from the Advertising program)
  • Asfalto - Dir Moacyr Massulo (graduate from the Advertising program)
  • tempo que volta - Dir Abelly Cristyne (student, Radio and TV)

This article was originally written in Portuguese and has been translated into English to be shared on the Laureate International Universities website.