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UniNorte opens new dental clinic which can serve up to 500 patients a day

Students will gain hands on experience while community receives best-in-class services


UniNorte opens new dental clinic which can serve up to 500 patients a day

On Tuesday October 16th, Centro Universitário do Norte (UniNorte), a member of the Laureate International Universities network in Manaus, officially opened its new Dental Clinic. The clinic has the capacity to serve 500 patients per day and will focus on helping the socioeconomically disadvantaged who are unable to afford dental treatment.

The new Dental Clinic is part of a growing complex of six clinics that are part of UniNorte’s School of Health Sciences "This is important for our students and will provide them with hands on and practical experience in a unique and modern environment to support the teaching of dentistry, and also for society because we will be able to provide a service to people who cannot normally afford to pay for dental treatment. All services provided through the clinic will be supervised by our highly trained professors and other dental professionals" said Carlos Cipriano, President of UniNorte.

"The clinic can serve 500 people per day, in three shifts, Monday through Friday," explained the director of the School of Health Sciences, Lia Mizobe Ono. According to the director, the clinic will offer a variety of services including root canal treatments, restorations, cleanings, dentures, extractions and implants, the latter being done with the UniNorte’s expertise in dental implants. In this case, there will be a cost to patients for materials used for the implant.

The new Dental Clinic takes up two floors and is comprised of 5 sections that serve the diverse needs of the undergraduate and graduate programs delivering by UniNorte.

Professor Vicente Nogueira, UniNorte’s Rector, highlighted the differences of the new clinic, including the latest in appliances and equipment, including dental chairs that come with ultrasound appliances, a room with systems to enable video-assisted surgery and a central sterilization system. Nogueira said that the School of Health Sciences will also offer multidisciplinary projects with students enrolled in programs in Social Work, Speech Therapy and Physiotherapy, allowing interaction between the various specialties of the area of ​​Health that impact oral health.

The clinic will on average be staffed by 30 teachers and 300 students, depending on the courses that the students are taking in the Dentistry program.

One of the key differentiators of the School of Health Sciences at UniNorte is the infrastructure, which includes more than 20 laboratories and six specialized clinics: Clinical Dentistry, Speech Therapy Clinic, Clinical Nutrition, Physiotherapy Clinic, Applied Psychology Service (SPA), and Clinical Pharmacy.

This article was originally written in Portuguese and has been translated into English to be shared on the Laureate International Universities website.