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Projeam, UniNorte’s Environmental Education Project, recognized by the government of Amazonas

Projeam has been developing environmental education programs since 2002



The Environmental Education Project (Projeam), developed by the Social Work Center at Centro Universitario do Norte (UniNorte), was recognized by the State Legislative Assembly of Amazonas. The Project coordinator, Professor Gilmara Teles, received the award on behalf of UniNorte for their contribution to best practices in education and environmental issues.

The award was proposed by Deputy Luiz Castro, who also created the Special Session on the environment in commemoration of World Environment Week. In all, nine entities, institutions and researchers linked to environmental education and protection were honored.

Luiz Castro highlighted Projeam’s work in bringing environmental education to communities around Manaus, like Livramento, Nossa Senhora de Fátima, and Prosamim, among many others. "The work that UniNorte has done in this field is exemplary. This is a private institution of higher education that is doing wonderful social work," said Luiz Castro, who has also chaired the Committee on the Environment since 2006.

The coordinator of Projeam, Professor Gilmara Teles pointed out that the project was launched in 2002, but was expanded two years ago to include Sustainable Development. "We re-aligned our strategy and approach and are now serving four additional communities. We feel this has helped us to improve the quality of life of residents," explains Gilmara.

The coordinator of the Social Service program, Adilsimar Lima, also stressed the participation of students and teachers in the project. She said this is a unique moment of recognition for the work done by the academic community. "Among 11 institutions of higher education, having UniNorte chosen is an honor for us all," said Adilsimar.

Gleyce Soeiro, a student in the program, was chosen to speak at the ceremony. She highlighted the activities of the Projeam and asked all present to join them in their work on behalf of environmental education.

This article was originally written in Portuguese and has been translated into English to be shared on the Laureate International Universities website.