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Business School São Paulo students visit Universidad Andrés Bello

International Business seminar provides great opportunities for network students


Business School São Paulo students visit Universidad Andrés Bello

Laureate network institutions are always looking for new ways to collaborate to open new opportunities for students and faculty. In 2012, the School of Business and Economics at Universidad Andrés Bello and Business School São Paulo began working together to create new programs and to increase the transfer of students and teachers in graduate programs.

In early January 2013, a group of 18 students, two teachers and the dean of the Business School of Sao Paulo, Brazil, arrived in Chile for the "International Business" workshop at the Faculty of Economics and Business, Universidad Andrés Bello.

During their stay they completed several courses: "Business Environment in Chile", "Marketing and the Chilean Consumer", "International Treaties", "Human Resources in Latin America" ​​and "Entrepreneurship". The group also visited the Emiliana Vineyard, where they were greeted by the General Manager Jose Guilisasti; Philips, which delivered a presentation regarding management and business strategy; and Agrosuper which created an exhibition focused on foreign trade operations at the Santiago Stock Exchange.

The Director of International Relations of Commercial Engineering at Universidad Andrés Bello, Andrés Tolosa, said it is the first time they had received such a select group of MBA students. "The students and the Dean of the Business School Sao Paulo were very pleased with this visit to Santiago and we are working together to increase such opportunities between our two business schools for transfer students and professors in graduate programs," he said.

Tolosa said that these activities are part of the efforts underway in the Faculty of Economics and Business, Universidad Andres Bello, and on behalf of their Dean, Jorge Marshall, to increase the internationalization of its students and faculty.

Business School Sao Paulo is the leading Graduate School of Business in Brazil and is among the top in all of Latin America.

This article was originally written in Portuguese and has been translated into English to be shared on the Laureate International Universities website.