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Universidad Europea de Canarias open its doors

UEC is the first private university in the Canary Islands


Universidad Europea de Canarias open its doors

Universidad Europea de Canarias held the opening ceremony for this academic year on Friday, October 5th, three days prior to the official commencement of classes. This event marks the start of a new academic model for the islands, based on the training of students through programs that include an international perspective, multi-lingual teaching, a hands-on approach, the development of skills and close contact with the professional world.

Taking part in the proceedings was the researcher Pedro Alonso, Prince of Asturias Award Winner for International Cooperation in 2008, a specialist in Public Health, PhD in Medicine and Surgery and member of the University Advisory Council at Universidad Europea de Madrid, who gave a speech titled “Key challenges for global health”.

Also attending the ceremony was Miguel Carmelo, President of Universidad Europea and CEO of Laureate International Universities, Europe. During his presentation, he drew attention to the benefits that will be brought to the region by this new university that is unique due to its membership in the leading higher education group in the world: “In addition to adding value on an academic, socio-economic and cultural level, Universidad Europea de Canarias will represent the creation of jobs and significant economic activity. There are now three universities in the Canary Islands, two public and one private”.

Águeda Benito, Rectora of Universidad Europea de Canarias, highlighted the international and employment opportunities that the center will offer its students, adding that this will be possible “by living together in a multicultural environment, with 30% of your fellow students being foreigners and the availability of numerous opportunities to carry out exchange programs, double degree programs with universities situated in other countries, as well as overseas study periods or internships”. She additionally highlighted the importance of providing a hands-on, international approach to education, “with curricula adapted to the needs of the professional world and designed so that all our graduates master the English language, thereby enhancing their international profiles and creating a professional profile that is suited to working in the global market”.

Isaac Valencia, Mayor of the City of La Orotava, closed the ceremony that was also attended by Carlos Díez de la Lastra, General Director of Universidad Europea de Canarias.

This article was originally written in Spanish and has been translated into English to be shared on the Laureate International Universities website.