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HSM brings the World Innovation Forum to the Laureate International Universities network

Global event features thought leaders and will be shared with the network via webcast


HSM brings the World Innovation Forum to the Laureate International Universities network

The concept of innovation continues to expand and transform. It is no longer limited to one person, company or country, innovation is open and disruptive, it is multi-disciplinary and global. Collaboration is essential and reinforced by rapid, multi-faceted networks of communication: digital, mobile and interactive. The World Innovation Forum is the event that creates a space for these provocative ideas to flourish.

The World Innovation Forum Leon 2012 will take place at the Poliforum in León, Mexico and will bring together a unique group of experts and practitioners that are shaping the future of business and who will together offer an incomparable range of knowledge on the latest business trends and innovations from all over the globe. 2012 World Innovation Forum speakers include:

  • Paola Antonelli - Senior Curator at The Museum of Modern Art in New York and named one of the 100 most powerful people in the world of art by Art Review
  • Juan Enriquez - CEO of Biotechonomy LLC, a biology research and investment firm, and recognized as one of the world's leading authorities on the economic and political impacts of life sciences
  • Tom Peters - one of the world’s leading management experts and is recognized as one of the most prominent thinkers in business today
  • Clay Shirky - Author, New York University Professor and one of today’s most influential thinkers on how the internet is impacting the way the world works

Building on the success of the 2011 World Business Forum, which was shared with more 55,000 members of the Laureate International Universities community, Laureate is proud to bring the 2012 World Innovation Forum to the network via a full length live event broadcast. During the World Innovation Forum, participants will hear from the brightest, most imaginative minds in business offering unique insight on the latest trends affecting diverse industries. Regardless as to field of study or professional roles and responsibilities participants will be exposed to new ways of thinking, new approaches, new trends, new paradigms, innovative skills and contemporary knowledge for them to apply and enrich their professional and personal lives.

The event will be delivered in Spanish with English subtitles. The event will be hosted by a panel of leaders from Laureate institutions who will introduce and moderate the topics raised by the speakers. During the forum’s breaks, subject-matter experts, Laureate executives, university presidents and special guests (including LIU students) will participate in a live panel to discuss the concepts, arguments and subjects presented by the speakers, and will even debate with the speakers themselves. There will also be live interaction via social media among students and faculty members from across the Laureate network.

For more information on the World Innovation Forum webcast, please contact Irene Montes (