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Laureate International Universities launches a new journal to advance knowledge on higher education


Laureate launches new journal to advance knowledge on higher education

Laureate was proud to announce the launch of a new journal, Higher Learning Research Communications (HLRC), at the recent Leadership Summit in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. HLRC aims to advance knowledge on all aspects concerning teaching and learning in higher education. Through better understanding of institutional policy and actual practice in this area, it seeks to foster the collaboration of innovative minds and the best of the practice, and offer forward thinking and global thought leadership. Innovative approaches for teaching and learning as well as policies and best practices are in the very core of the scope of the Journal. To read the first issue, please visit the HLRC website (

Articles submitted for publication in the Journal must be original research or a report on the comprehensive analysis of other already published materials on a problem or topic, and must adhere to the formatting standards in the Author Guidelines. Each submitted paper undergoes a blind review by two peers, with a third reader possible in case of any conflict or disagreement. HLRC is currently accepting and reviewing submissions.

The Journal's Executive Director is Dr. Carmen Mendez and the Editors-in-Chief are Dr. Denise DeZolt, Dr. Andrés Bernasconi and Dr. Juan Salcedo. The Senior Consulting Editors and Editorial Advisory Board include renowned international higher education leaders from inside and outside Laureate International Universities. The journal is published collaboratively by Istanbul Bilgi University, Universidad Andrés Bello, Universidad Europea de Madrid and Walden University.

The articles that appear in the first edition of the journal include:

  • Internationalization 2011: An overview by Drummond Bone
  • Peer Mentoring at the Universidad Europea de Madrid: An educational strategy for the development of general and specific competences by Paloma Velasco Quintana and Agueda Benito Capa
  • Can the Use of Clickers or Continuous Assessment Motivate Critical Thinking? A case study based on Corporate Finance students by Lucia Morales
  • B-Learning Under Examination: advantages, disadvantages and opinions by Sergio Bemposta Rosende, María José García García and Juan José Escribano Otero
  • The Value and Benefits of Fieldtrips in Tourism and Hospitality Education by Edmund Goh
  • Capacity Building through Integration and Transformational Leadership - A Case Study by Sacha Michael Stocklin