University of Roehampton Online Creates Online Simulation to Help People Learn about Careers in Public Health


University of Roehampton, London

There’s been a massive earthquake in Manresa. But the real problem is a mysterious disease that’s threatening to get out of control. Save Manresa is an interactive simulation of the aftermath of a major natural disaster, and its potentially catastrophic impact on public health.

The University of Roehampton London Online developed the Save Manresa online simulation to simulate the variety of challenges, the excitement and the opportunity to make a difference offered by a career in public health.

Your job, should you to choose to accept it, is to use your skills of logic, deduction and reasoning to work out what the mysterious disease that plagues the countryside is, and then make the right decisions to stop it in its tracks.

You’re presented with some of the facts, but have to fill in the gaps. You’ll need to study the details, research the possibilities, talk to witnesses and think laterally to solve the riddle. But be quick. The lives of thousands of Manresans are in your hands!

Are you ready for the challenge? Engage in the simulation. Start now!