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University of Liverpool launches exciting new online Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) Program


University of Liverpool

Open for students starting in September 2010, the University of Liverpool Management School, in partnership with Laureate Online Education, will launch a new online Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) program. This new program, aimed at working professionals who wish to improve their practice and advance their careers, will be unique in its combination of deep practice-based learning and research with rigorous classroom scholarship.

The innovative approach of this program advocates learning by engaging and doing. It will help students:

  • Gain and create professional actionable knowledge both through classroom learning and by doing applied research utilizing appropriate quantitative and qualitative methods.
  • Engage the “real world” while focusing on contemporary management issues, such as decision making with risks and uncertainty or managing change and crisis, leading to enhanced self development and learning to make a difference
  • Document their transformational journey with the Doctoral Development Plan (DPP). A DDP helps the student to understand his/ her transformation process and reflections on becoming a scholar/practitioner, creating doctoral level professional knowledge as well as development of critical thinking skills.

According to the Dr. Lisa Anderson, the Director of MBA & DBA Programs at the University of Liverpool Management School, “The DBA by action learning presents an exciting opportunity for senior managers to learn with and from each other, supported and challenged by faculty in a rigorous and scholarly environment. If you enjoyed the intellectual challenge offered by an MBA or MSc programme, you will thrive in the DBA classroom and experience a substantive change in your approach to your role as a manager.”

More information on this innovative new program will be made available shortly on the University of Liverpool Online website ( and through the program director at