UN Under-Secretary-General Visits Istanbul Bilgi University

Peter Lautsky-Tieffenthal encourages students to pursue career with the United Nations


UN Under-Secretary-General Visits Istanbul Bilgi University

United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Communications and Public Information Peter Lautsky-Tieffenthal met with İstanbul Bilgi University students to speak about the organizational structure of the UN and the relationship between the United Nations and Turkey, stating, “Turkey is of great significance to the UN, especially with the refugee camps during the Syria crisis.”

Lautsky-Tieffenthal told BILGI students that within the scope of the “Academic Impact” initiative, the UN collaborates with universities and that they aim to make job opportunities at the UN accessible to youth. Lautsky-Tieffenthal emphasized that the number of Turkish people working at the UN is low and added that the UN will try to encourage Turkey’s young people to work at the UN.

The United Nations, with 6 official languages now, is broadcasting in 53 different languages. The organization realizes various promotional activities reach people from different cultures and languages. Lautsky-Tieffenthal indicated that the movie The Interpreter was the very first project that drew attention to the activities of the UN and said that the social media messages concerning sustainable energy in Revolution, a sci-fi TV series, aired in the United States, are prepared by UN experts. Lautsky-Tieffenthal also added that they are looking to create similar messaging in film and TV projects in Turkey.